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With a 50% ABV, this is the ‘export strength’ expression of our multi-award-winning, strikingly smooth London Dry Gin. A giant of a gin!

Exquisitely engineered for a more complex flavour profile, we’ve added extra juniper and introduced six new botanicals – green cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, cassia bark, cubeb pepper and lemon – for a bolder, richer flavour; an earthy sweetness combines  with citrus freshness for a dry spicy finish.


Generous quantities of hand-picked hedgerow sloes, combined with just the right amount of sugar, are added to our strikingly smooth London Dry Gin. Then it’s all left to soak slowly for at least six months – that’s more than twice as long as most other distillers.

The high ‘sloe to gin’ ratio combined with this lengthy maturation process achieves a smooth, intensely rich and fruity flavour that retains some of that just-picked tartness.

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Fantastically fruity, our Damson Gin is definitely something special. Masses of luscious, hand-picked British  damsons are left to steep for six months or more in our strikingly smooth London Dry Gin. We add sugar, but not too much, just enough to balance the natural tartness of the fruit.

Slowly matured, the resulting rich, ruby-red gin is velvety and smooth with an intense depth of flavour and fruity dryness; unlike many fruit gins, it delivers quite a kick – bottled with an alcohol content of 40%.

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Artfully aged and marvellously mellow, this luscious Sloe Gin has a distinctive almond flavour. Five years in the making, it is a vintage gin like no other. A unique limited edition with only 1,000 bottles made.

Edward, our Master Distiller, has been crafting Sloe Gin for over 30 years. He’s a patient man, leaving our strikingly smooth London Dry Gin to age on masses of juicy, hand-picked sloes for five full years. He recommends you enjoy it neat as a special after-dinner treat!


wonderfully aromatic limited edition gin. Our unmistakable London Dry sits at its core, with additional layers of citrus, anise and fresh green herbs. Smooth and balanced on the palate with warming notes of tarragon which open up to reveal a long and refreshingly herbaceous finish.

We carefully distill freshly picked herbs from Jekka’s farm along with our strikingly smooth London Dry botanicals. The result is a complex and aromatic dry gin which captures the fresh flavours of the season and the spirit of our surroundings.

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